Full Silocone Mermaid Tail. 

Fully customized tails handmade in your own style, colour and design. We use only 100% Dragon Skin Silicone wich is Skin Safe and causes no reactions. As well we use the best possible Monofin wich is included in the tail.

You can order this Tail in any kind of colour you want. The shapes of the scales, fluke and fins are changable for some extra costs wich we can discuss per E-Mail if you are interested.

The Tail in the pictures is just an examle and not for sale. 

Price is for a basic Tail without extra side fins. 

Per Pair of side fins you pay a 100€ extra. 

Payment in Steps also possible. In that case please send me a Mail. 

The production of one Tail takes abour 3-4 Month.

For Worldwide Shipping please contact me. It is possible but I would have to check the pricings for your country.

Mermaid Tail Full Silicone

€ 2.200,00Preis